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P. Scott Browne specializes in municipal law, with an emphasis on Local Agency Formation Commissions (“LAFCos”), as well as business and real estate law matters.  He is a graduate of Yale University, with a bachelor’s degree in economics.   He was admitted to the California State Bar in 1976 and has been practicing law ever since; first as Deputy County Counsel for the County of Nevada, then as a senior partner in a law firm, and now as a sole practitioner.  A large portion of our practice involves the representation of numerous small government agencies; Scott is currently general counsel for Butte, Colusa, Lake, Nevada and Solano County LAFCos, and special counsel to Yuba County LAFCo.  He was formerly the City Attorney for the City of Colfax, in addition to several other small government agencies.  He also represents several clients with respect to large real estate transactions.   Scott is a present and past member of the board of directors of many non-profit organizations, including numerous community service organizations and liberal arts organizations.