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Our firm was established in 1995 as a small private practice, with one attorney, Mr. Browne, and one paralegal, Wendy Cain.  Prior to 1995, Mr. Browne was a senior partner in the law firm of Shine, Browne & Diamond for fifteen years.  Mr. Browne, a graduate of Yale University and Hastings Law School, began his legal career in 1976 with the office of County Counsel, in Nevada County, California. Our firm specializes in the following:

  • Real Estate and Land Use Law
  • Business and Contracts Law
  • Local Agency Formation Commissions (LAFCo & Cortese Knox Hertzberg)
  • Public Agency Representation (Fire and Community Services districts, former City Atty)
  • CEQA Matters
  • Civil Litigation
  • Mortgage and Deed of Trust Practice